A Sad Response

This week I read question posed by a colleague on LinkedIn.

“What’s holding you back from creating an estate plan?”. Several people responded.  This particular answer posted by a business owner was troubling. Here is what he stated…

  • Since I am going to live forever, why do I really need to be concerned? Let other people be concerned about mortality instead.
  • I don’t want to be bothered by accountants, lawyers and financial planners.
  • The estate tax guidelines seem to be attracting more government attention recently. Because of that, it can be tough to stick to a long-term plan that could be made useless.
  • With some effort, it may be possible to identify investment “vehicles” that offer tax benefits and probate-avoidance benefits without having to deal with outside “professionals”.”

It sounded like this business owner dislikes advisors. Although he does not say why and quite frankly it does not matter. It does raise a question. Are we doing the best collaborative job possible in addressing our client’s concerns?

No one wants to be “bothered” but everyone wants to be served.


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