Key to Overcoming Uncertainty

Every year about this time I look forward to the WealthCounsel and Trust and Estates Industry Trends survey. It paints a picture of what is happening across the estate planning landscape.

Some might say InKnowVision only represents the 1% and they are probably right. Although we did not participate in the survey we can share some pretty interesting statics of our own.

100% of our business owner clients, along with help of their advisors, successfully planned their estates and prepared their businesses for the years ahead.

100% of our business owner clients saved at least $200,000 or more in income tax savings.

100% of our business owners instituted an annual maintenance agreement for the up keep of their plans.

Our advisors earned $50,000 or more in additional revenue with several earning over $100,000 per client engagement.

We successfully shifted the conversation away from the political arena and  expiring tax cuts of 2012 to a more certain conversation on what can we do now to increase cash flow, meet lifestyle needs and grow our client’s businesses.

We enjoyed a 100% closing ratio.

We experienced on average 7 new leads a week.

Not to mention that we helped several business owners keep thousands of people employed and gifted more to charity.

So were does all this leave us? Ready to tackle the busiest planning year yet.

Where does it leave you…uncertain?

Good riddance to 2011 and buckle in for busy and profitable 2012. 

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