5 Ways to Assure Your Clients Plans Are Reviewed Annually

Advanced estate planning can be complex. It can also fall apart when you least expect it. Here are a few tips to help keep clients in tune with their planning.
  1. Tell them.  Clients will pretty much do what you ask so long as they trust you.  If you tell them that their plan will be reviewed at least annually then they will expect it.
  2. It’s Part of My Service.  Make it part of your process and assure clients that this benefit will far out weigh the risk.
  3. Share a Story. Most planning mistakes are made because plans are not updated, implemented or executed.  Sharing a story about anyone of these unfortunate events could help clients see why they should get a periodic review.
  4. Benefit vs. Cost. The value of keeping on top of one’s plan is priceless.  Would any of your clients want an outcome that was different from their stated goals? I know no one who wants to pay more for planning than is necessary. I guess we could say the same about taxes!
  5. Family Matters. Reminding clients why they choose to plan in the first place assures that their cash flow, lifestyle needs and family protection goals will be met and are often subject to change.

During this tax season, the opportunities to talk with clients and their other trusted advisors are numerous. Be sure that CPAs have copies of your clients most updated plan or at least a summary. Include the financial advisor as well. Plan to meet with all team members face to face to be sure that everyone is on the same page and clients are not at risk and they are not missing opportunities.


Kim Hamilton

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